Breakpoints are a fundamental debugging apparatus in Visual Studio 2019, allowing engineers to stop code execution at explicit lines to inspect factors, assess articulations, and comprehend program stream. In any case, encountering issues where breakpoints neglect to work can be frustrating and hinder the debugging system. In this article, we’ll investigate normal justifications for why breakpoints may not work in Visual Studio 2019 and give answers for resolve these issues.

Incorrect Arrangement:

Breakpoint not working in visual studio 2019 assuming the task setup is incorrect. Guarantee that your task is set to troubleshoot mode as opposed to deliver mode. In Visual Studio, explore to the Arrangement Designs dropdown in the toolbar and select Troubleshoot to guarantee you’re debugging with the proper setup.


Compiler advancements can some of the time interfere with breakpoint usefulness, particularly in discharge assembles. Impair enhancements briefly to check whether breakpoints begin working. In the venture properties, explore to the Streamlining setting under the C/C++ or .NET Compiler choices and set it to Impaired.

Troubleshoot Images:

Breakpoints depend on troubleshoot images (PDB records) to plan source code lines to executable instructions. If investigate images are missing or obsolete, breakpoints may not work accurately. Guarantee that investigate images are produced and exceptional for your undertaking. You can empower troubleshoot image age in the task properties under the Form or High level Form Settings segment.

Source Record Confound:

Breakpoints set in source records that don’t match the executable’s rendition may not be perceived. Guarantee that the source records you’re debugging match the ones used to fabricate the executable. Assuming that you’ve made changes to the source records, revamp the task to refresh the executable with the most recent changes.

Blended Debugging:

Visual Studio upholds blended mode debugging for projects that include both made due (.NET) and local (C/C++) code. Nonetheless, breakpoints may not fill in true to form in blended mode debugging situations. Check assuming that your task design requires explicit settings for blended mode debugging and guarantee they are accurately arranged.

Append to Process:

On the off chance that you’re attaching the debugger to a running cycle as opposed to launching it from Visual Studio, guarantee that the interaction was begun with the suitable investigate settings. A few cycles may not give debugging or may require raised rights for debugging to accurately work.

Hostile to Infection Interference:

At times, against infection programming or other security apparatuses may interfere with the debugging system, preventing breakpoints from being hit. Briefly debilitate any outsider security programming to check whether it settle the issue.


Breakpoints not working in Visual Studio 2019 can be ascribed to different variables, including arrangement settings, troubleshoot images, source document crisscrosses, and outer interference. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can distinguish and determine the underlying issues causing breakpoints to fall flat. Debugging is a basic part of programming improvement, and ensuring that breakpoints capability accurately upgrades efficiency and empowers proficient bug fixing.


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