Odoo consulting is a multifunctional enterprise management device that includes a hard and fast of gear designed to resolve the widest kind of responsibilities, starting from CRM and finishing with warehouse and inventory management. That is the widespread advantage of this platform on the grounds that groups in any area of interest can configure it in keeping with their needs.

Users can extend Odoo capability by means of adding modules and packages. The difference between the two is that modules are components of an ERP system used to manipulate a specific enterprise issue (e.G. Accounting, income, or stock). Applications, in their flip, offer sets of modules with express configuration parameters intended to put into effect strange capabilities.

Moreover, if you have a particular goal set, you can develop a custom app designed specially to solve that difficulty.

Currently, Odoo ERP consists of forty six modules and more than 17,000 apps. You will now not want all of them, but a few are relevant for corporations in one of a kind industries.

Most Important Odoo Modules to Boost Your Business

If you propose to implement a business enterprise useful resource making plans (ERP) device, the listing of necessary modules relies upon your business enterprise’s size and wishes. Below are those with a view to prove suitable to expand any business.

HR Management

The Odoo human aid management module has committed gear designed to superintend all of the paintings carried out via any corporation’s workforce:

  • Employees
  • Recruitment
  • Expense
  • Time-off
  • Planning
  • Payroll, and others.


The Odoo CRM module could perform satisfactory consumer interaction management and effectively monitor client relations at the organisation level and at the level of personal employees. Using it, corporations can start automatic lead processing, set reminders, and perform greater useful approaches.

Odoo CRM key functions:

  • Meeting scheduling and client communications;
  • Capability and lead assessment in step with diverse standards;
  • Lead advertising down the sales funnel;
  • Dashboards and document advent;
  • Routine automation and the possibility of awareness on income.


Special sales control modules on the Odoo platform will provide complete functionality and operational abilities to your enterprise’s sales department’s efficient work.

You can easily manage orders, track their processing from start to billing, and all of the data important to your income branch is available on one display screen.

Finance and Accounting

Odoo users have all of the important competencies to control their businesses’ budget and accounting, for example, statement management, monetary performance calculation, automatic billing, etc.

You can music all of your costs, and incorporating analytic information lets you make balanced decisions to manage your budget. Reports are easy to customize, and assistance for multiple groups is to be had.


The module capabilities the fundamental capability to manipulate one or many tasks concurrently. You can easily allocate duties, set priorities for the team, and manipulate workloads for every employee. All those possibilities are to be had in one area.

The Odoo Projects module effortlessly integrates with additional machine modules like Calendar, Schedule, Accounting, Expense, and many others. This characteristic permits your organization’s control staff to easily manage employees, responsibilities, time limits, initiatives, daily schedules, and so forth.


It is safe to mention that a website has these days ended up one of the most crucial gears for attracting customers for the absolute majority of agencies. Odoo has an integrated internet site block builder permitting you to design and create easy one-web page landings and multi-web page company portals even if you know nothing about software program programming languages.

All the indexed gear are to be had as quickly as you integrate the ERP gadget into your organization.

Let Us Summarize

The excellent manner to find the proper Odoo module for your commercial enterprise is to become aware of the hassle you are trying to remedy and look for a module or application capable of assembling those desires. Odoo lets you use equipped-made solutions or code what you want from scratch.

If you need to combine Odoo ERP into your company, our professionals permit you to personalize it according to your business needs. Any questions? Contact us, and we will provide you a plan and a solution.


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