Shridevi Foundation of Medical Sciences and Exploration Clinic, situated in Tumkur, Karnataka, is a prestigious establishment offering medical schooling. On the off chance that you’re thinking about seeking after your medical degree at Shridevi Medical College, understanding the shridevi medical college tumkur fee structure is vital. Here is a far reaching manual for assist you with exploring through the fee subtleties:

Outline of Shridevi Medical College

Shridevi Medical College Tumkur is perceived by the Medical Chamber of India (MCI) and associated with Rajiv Gandhi College of Wellbeing Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore. The college is known for its cutting edge offices and devoted employees, pursuing it a favored decision for hopeful medical experts.

Breakdown of Fee Structure

Educational expenses: The educational expenses at Shridevi Medical College are structured yearly and fluctuate somewhat across various scholastic years. These fees cover the expense of scholastic guidance given by the college.

Inn Fees: For understudies picking to dwell in the college inn, separate convenience charges are relevant. Inn fees commonly incorporate housing and fundamental conveniences gave nearby.

Different Fees: There are extra charges, for example, enrollment fees, assessment fees, and incidental costs which understudies need to represent during their course length.

Fee Installment Timetable

The fee installment plan at Shridevi Medical College for the most part follows a semester-wise or yearly installment structure. It is fitting for understudies to allude to the authority college site or contact the affirmations office for the specific insights about fee installment cutoff times and methods of installment acknowledged.

Grants and Monetary Guide

Shridevi Medical College offers different grants and monetary guide choices to qualified understudies in view of legitimacy or need. Planned understudies are urged to ask about these valuable open doors during the affirmation cycle to decide whether they meet all requirements for any help.

Significant Contemplations

Discount Approaches: Comprehend the college’s strategies in regards to fee discounts in the event of withdrawal or dropping of affirmation.

Method of Installment: Whether the college acknowledges installments through bank moves, online exchanges, or other determined modes.

Extra Expenses: Aside from educational cost and lodging fees, understudies ought to spending plan for reading material, medical hardware, and other individual costs.


Deciding to learn at Shridevi Medical College Tumkur includes understanding the monetary responsibilities related with seeking after a medical instruction. By getting to know the fee structure and related approaches, you can settle on informed choices in regards to your scholarly excursion and monetary preparation.


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